About me

I'm Patrik Fimml, a Computer Engineering student at Vienna University of Technology, and here's some random stuff I decided to put on the web. You can reach me at patrik@fimml.at (also using encrypted mail).


Anything close to the hardware-software boundary, such as systems programming and embedded systems engineering. How to break complex systems into simple components.

Programming contests

I participate in programming contests from time to time. Here's a list of resources for anyone interested.




Non-exhaustive list of software I wrote. Since there is so much PHP, I feel obliged to say non-representative as well.

Smartphone app for the Jolla (SailfishOS). Shows real-time data from Wiener Linien, Vienna's public transport provider.
glip (unmaintained)
PHP library for reading and writing Git repositories without requiring any external binaries.
eWiki (unmaintained)
PHP Wiki software using Git as a version control backend.
dvbdescramble (unmaintained)
Command-line tool to drive a DVB-CAM on Linux.